Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It's been a very busy couple of weeks for me lately! In early August, I had my last day at the newspaper. I worked with some of the most amazing people so it's sad to have left but luckily Marshall still works there so I still get to see them :)

We then left for Tennessee to see our families. I finally got to see my niece and nephew again (and Marshall got to meet Reagan for the first time!) Getting us to stand still for long enough to take a picture is tough but aren't we a smokin' hot family!?

Early morning wake up calls with the cutest babies ever!
While in Tennessee, we met with our cake maker to do some cake tasting. It was SO good! We had to resist the urge to eat all of the cake so that we could bring some back for the parentals to try. We decided on our cake and our flavors so now all we have to do is wait 10 months to eat it... LONGEST WAIT FOR A CAKE EVER. Especially when you know how good it will taste. Taste caking is like a teaser, which is why I think it should become a weekly event. Agree? 

After spending time with my family in Crossville, we headed south to see the Stephens' family in Sewanee. I just love being at their house. There's something about being in the mountains, secluded, on a lot of land and with dogs, cats and chickens! Sadly, no more goats :( We relaxed, played games and visited Grandma in Nashville. I even shot a gun for the first time ever! [Maybe we should rethink our wedding theme -- Redneck?] Picture will come soon as Marshall and myself have failed to upload to the computer!

After a week with our families, we had to head back to Texas. I definitely had mixed emotions. Sad to be leaving our family but happy to see my kitties. (Crazy cat lady). The first day back was my first day in the classroom. I was there for the majority of the day and left thinking I had accomplished so much. When I actually looked at my classroom, I felt like I accomplished nothing. Friday, I worked with my 3rd grade team to come up with lesson plans and Monday started our inservice training. So far, I am enjoying it but am so nervous for the first day with students. Meet the Teacher night is tomorrow so wish me luck as I embrace one of my biggest challenges yet!

More updates to come after the first day!!

Side note: Congratulations to my sister, Jen, on her engagement to Travis! So excited to have one of Marshall's best friends become part of our family!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I should be a magician because I have a pretty awesome disappearing act. Okay that joke was totally lame awesome! But seriously, it's been a while. Why, you ask? I'll tell you why. Because I didn't feel like blogging about my hair being pulled out and the tears coming down my face. Oh, and the yelling. Wedding planning is not a pretty sight. At least for this girl. We were thrown a wrench (luckily early in the planning) but it made us switch up everything.

Here's what went down:

June in a Tennessee valley = HOT. If it's going to be anything like this summer, the pictures wouldn't be pretty because we'd all be drenched in sweat. I'm pretty sure the guests wouldn't even want to move because they'd be cooking like eggs and bacon (ew, bacon.) We came to the conclusion that we needed to have an indoor/outdoor reception venue. 

Here's your challenge: Try and find a place with a big enough indoor facility to seat everyone in one room (~130 guests) but with enough mingling/dancing space outside, in the Sewanee community that fits our budget. GO.

Any luck? Yeah, me either.

We found lots of different options that at first look seemed perfect. Then it came to either price ($3,000 for a barn rental? Really? And all you're going to do is hose it down? AND I have to rent toilets? AND there's no AC in the barn? Yeah... uh no.)

So, finally we decided it was time to look outside of the Sewanee community and we found a place where my parents live AND we got a super amazing deal. Can't complain about that, right? Plus the Catholic church is within walking distance! I think we hit the jackpot here.

So now that I have less hair and rehydrated myself from all the water loss from crying, we can start back up with the planning.

The next step? CAKE tasting! My favorite! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vegas Baby!

"How 'bout that ride in? I guess that's why they call it Sin City! heh"

A Las Vegas wedding has been the topic of discussion recently in the Mulcahy-Stephens household. While I'm hoping it is all in a joking manner, the thought is becoming more and more appealing.

That girl is one lucky lady! [via]
I mean, who wouldn't want to get married by Elvis? We can walk around in our wedding apparel taking pictures with all of the tourists instead of hiring a professional photographer (whoops, too late. She can follow us around and take the pictures.) Plus, if I continue to hang out in my wedding dress, I'm almost certain people will just hand me money to say congratulations. We can even stick with our baseball theme and invite Pete Rose!
We're bffl's
Plus, we can have three parties to celebrate - one in Texas, one in Tennessee, and one in Virginia. No one would have to travel far (apart from Cydnea who doesn't live in any of those states!) No need for a silly expensive tent or tables or anything! Brilliant!

Okay okay. The gig's up. If you know anything about me you know that I would never get married in Vegas. Even if it were something elegant at the Bellagio or Caesar's Palace. 

With that being said, it is officially one year, one month away from our Catholic church and [hopefully] backyard reception. Sorry, Vegas. Sorry, Dad. [Or really, sorry Dad's wallet.]

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walking in Memphis

I know, I know. It's been a while. I apologize, but there are reasons! I have been so busy the past few weeks that I haven't been able to blog. Here's what I've been up to:

  • Two weekends ago, Marshall and I went to Memphis to visit his brother and his brother's girlfriend. 
  • I had a job fair on Friday where I met a lot of potential school districts in the area
  • Said job fair led me to have an interview the following Tuesday.
  • Said interview led me to teach a lesson the next day.
  • Said lesson got me a recommendation to be hired as a 3rd grade teacher pending board approval.
  • Said recommendation got me board approval which in turn means I am officially a hired teacher!
There is probably no greater feeling than actually seeing your dreams come true right before your eyes. Except maybe seeing how happy your family and closest friends get seeing you fulfill your dreams. My mom started to cry after she found out. My dad cheered with excitement. My sister, Erin, sent me a congratulatory text and has been trying to Facetime me (again... so busy!) My other sister, Jen, made a Facebook status saying how proud she was of me. Marshall took me out to eat with some friends and bought me a congratulatory drink. My friends came to dinner just to celebrate (and continued to text each day to see how my interview, lesson and board approval went). My best friend Cydnea text me saying she can't believe she found out through Facebook and that her level of excitement was just as much as it was the day I got engaged. I think it's pretty safe to say that I have the best family and friends ever.

Now, back to Memphis. This was going to get it's own blog post but life (read: Getting a teaching job) got in the way. So, here's the abbreviated version:

We took turns driving the 6.5 hours it took to drive to Memphis. When I wasn't driving, this was what I was doing: [Video debut!]
Clearly, it's easy to see why he loves me.

After we got to Memphis and checked into our hotel, we met up with Marshall's brother, Tommy, and his girlfriend, Abby. [Unfortunately, I never got a picture of all of us.] We went out and saw the beauty of Beale Street.
My cell phone camera sucks. I apologize. [Seriously, I'm a good picture taker. It's my camera.]

Lots of people!
After a drink, we went back to the hotel and went to sleep and woke up early the next morning to take our own walking tour of the Mississippi. Because there was a concert, it was hard to see the actual river (we were up higher and there was a fence blocking you from seeing the concert without paying). We then had brunch, a nap, a few drinks and finally went down to the concert.

While watching Childish Gambino
At sunset we walked over to the Mississippi and just sat while listening to some music. It was beautiful!

Mississippi Bridge
After the concert, we walked around some and eventually called it a night. We had a lot of fun in Memphis and were happy to get the opportunity to see Tommy and Abby!

Update on the wedding front:

NOTHING. Hopefully, you read about our issues with rentals and saw that everything was super expensive. We have since decided to look at venues to see if we can do a cost comparison. I found one place I really like but really need to figure out costs before I go any further.

We are, however, planning our engagement pictures. Marshall and I have decided on an idea (I can't tell you! It's a surprise!) and we will probably take them in September when it's cooled off a bit.

We also realized it's mid-May and we're still chub-a-lubs so we started running again. SKINNY KIDS HERE WE COME! We shall be fit by September! And fitter come June 2013!

This post wasn't very funny so here:

What do you call a cow with no legs?

wait for it...

Ground beef! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


You guys may want to sit down for this. I mean really, it's something that is going to be a bit shocking to you. Sitting? Ok great. (Although, if you are on the computer while standing up, you are strange. Just saying...)

I finally made the phone calls that I had intended to make right after my parents were here. Yes. My parents were here in February. It is now the end of April. Regardless of how long it took me to get it done, it still got done, right!? Yay me!

But seriously... WHY ARE WEDDINGS SO EXPENSIVE?! People are just monopolizing on other peoples' happiness and excitement. Rude. In the words of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, "I object!" [Yes I did just quote Legally Blonde and no you can not judge me because we all know you secretly love that movie as well. Just stop denying it.] The worst part is that since we are getting married in a small town, there aren't a lot of options for rentals. So unless I take some sheets out there like I was a kid making a fort, I'm going to have to pay the money. [The fort is looking more and more appealing.] Unless anyone wants to lend us one of these:
Or some of these:
Great, thanks :)

On a happier note, I received an e-mail saying that my dress has arrived! My friend Racheal and I are going to drive down to Houston on Sunday to go pick up my dress and veil. I am so excited to just put it on again! I ordered it a size larger than what I tried on at the store just in case of weight fluctuation [did I ever tell you I worry a lot?] You can always take something in but you can't take it out! The hardest part about it will be hiding it from Marshall. I have no doubt that Marshall will not peek but it's more me hiding it from him that will be the challenge.

Oh and by the way... 422 days until the wedding. Just in case you WEREN'T counting (I know, nonsense. Everyone is counting down the days.)

Monday, April 16, 2012

This and that

Few things on my mind:

1.) Filling out applications stink. Especially when you've already filled out all of them before and none of them are online applications. Needless to say, my hand hurts. A lot. *Oh the things we do for a teaching job* I'm in the process of applying to 12 different school districts/schools. One of them HAS to hire me, right? RIGHT?! Please say yes. There's only so much "I'm sorry your carrier sucks at life. I'll give you credit for the past two weeks you've missed" that I can handle. I NEED a teaching job.
I work hard for the [potential] money!

I can't help but think that I'm a better candidate than others simply because I am certified to teach in two states. Sometimes I just want to say to the other applicants, "Well, can YOU teach in someplace other than Texas? No? Oh, that's a shame. Because I can." Maybe that will instill some fear into them thus making their interview not go well and giving me another advantage. But alas, it doesn't work that way.

The applications themselves are pretty easy. The best part is that they all follow the same format or are the same application just with a different school district. The worst part is that they all follow the same format or are the same application just with a different school district. It gets so tedious to fill out the same stuff over and over and over again. But the end result is quite nice if all goes well!

2.) I have been reading my friend Katie's blog about makeup. If you know me at all, you know I've never been a huge girly girl. In high school, I only wore powdered foundation. It wasn't until college that I discovered eye liner (now, I feel naked without it.) So, I feel as if I'm moving up in life because I now wear makeup regularly. I would love to be able to experiment more with makeup but I have two dilemmas. One, makeup can be so expensive and it adds up quickly! Two, I enjoy sleep way too much in the morning to wake up earlier to do more makeup. See what I mean? It's definitely a dilemma. Until I solve my issues (well, this one at least) I will continue to read Katie's blog and live vicariously through her. (You should, too! Read it, not live vicariously through her. That's creepy especially if you don't know her.)

3.) Marshall and I became parents to two grown-up kitties yesterday. For the first time, we decided to let the cats outside by themselves. As soon as we opened the door, the cats ran out. We closed the door and ran to the window and watched them. Eventually, we moved outside and sat on the patio and watched them closer. I felt like a parent to a teenage daughter who just went out on her first date and I couldn't leave her alone. Although, it was quite a good feeling when you open the door and yell their names and they come running in as if they've missed you terribly (or that it started raining and it was dinner time.)

4.) Last, but not least, what this blog originally started with: wedding planning. I have been working on our guest list and much like teaching applications, it's a very tedious process. They have sheets to tell you who you should or shouldn't invite to your wedding. Who should be put on the A list or the B list. If it were up to me and money was not an object, everyone would be able to come. Then, with us getting married in Tennessee and living in Texas and being from Virginia, there is a lot of travel. If you invite 200 people, how many of them will be willing to travel? If you invite more thinking many will decline, what happens if more people decide to come? Any married or engaged friends have any insight? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Phew. Long blog. Now it's time to get into wedding shape (HA!) by playing Wii Zumba.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Last week, I talked about our first softball game. Unfortunately, it got rained out so last night was our first official game. Marshall was pumped. He couldn't sit still at work or eat dinner! I, on the other hand, took the nervous approach. I couldn't stop shaking my leg or playing with my hair.

After two weekends of working on my batting skills, I was afraid it wasn't going to show. I kept in mind everything Marshall told me to do and hoped for the best. We put on our jerseys and headed to the field.
Play ball!

Since we were the home team, we were out in the field first. I was playing right field and on the second or third batter, someone hit a pop fly right to me. Marshall always told me to always keep the ball in front of you and never behind. My lack of depth perception kicked in and as soon as I thought I had it, I realized I was too far up. I did the one thing Marshall told me not to do while in the field. I let the ball go over my head and past me. Immediately, my eyes began watering. I had just lost two runs for our team with my error. At the end of the first half of the inning, Marshall came out to me and told me it was okay. My eyes were still watering but I decided there was nothing I could do about it now so I just carried on.

I had gotten into the swing of things by the second inning on the field but I had yet to bad so my nerves were still high. When I finally went up, I swung at the first pitch and hit the ball to shortstop. He grounded it and threw it to first before I could get to base. Even if it was an out, I was so happy my practicing paid off!

At the end of the games [we play two], I actually scored a run! In both games, I either hit the ball or it wasn't a good pitch. I never had a strike! I played right field and catcher with no [major] problems.

Nerves? What are they? I'm back to my 8-year-old badass self!

......sort of.